The Broken Prophecy

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Book One of the Gate Series.

Rumil Bonamede considered herself one of the finest hackers in the galaxy, searching for information on a mass genocide of her birthworld more than twenty staryears ago.  Left with barely any memories of her childhood before the day that would be known as the Baramak Slaughter, she takes on increasingly risky endeavors into Solarian and Kiros influence and information centers, their religious war between each other believed to be somehow connected to the attack.

When she draws the attention of two of each sect’s most powerful Knights, psionic trained supersoldiers charged with defending their culture and religious beliefs, Rumil begins to think she is getting close.  Instead, what she eventually discovers could lead to casualties that dwarf even the billions that died on Baramak.


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

In addition, reference material if you’re confused by some of the terms used can be found below:

Appendix: Time and Measurement

Appendix: Galactic Weaponry and Armoring

Appendix: Travel and Communication

Appendix: Spacecraft

5 Responses to “The Broken Prophecy”

  1. Hmm… there appears to be a problem. All comments go to the general page, and don’t link to specific chapters…

  2. Kodes100 Says:

    Hey Thomas,
    I found “The Second Gate” at Web Fiction Guide.
    I am glad I did.
    What an interesting & intriguing tale.
    Thank you.


    • I’m glad you appreciate it. Hopefully the last half will keep you as interested and intrigued as the first.

      • WOW!
        Yes, the last half did more than keep me interested & intrigued.
        It was exciting, thrilling, thought provoking & touching sometimes separately & sometimes all together.
        I laughed. I teared up. It was very moving.
        Thank you for quite a few hours of pure enjoyment!


      • I’d recommend looking over the earlier chapters again, if you haven’t already. There’s a few changes and additions and content that fleshes out the universe a little bit more.

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