Gate Series: Short Stories 2

The following five short stories serve as a bridge of significant events between The Sixth Prophet and The Endtimers’ Legacy.

1 – Head of State

Robert Datson had not been expecting to have to make the tough decisions even for the Solarian Knighthood.  He had expected to make mundane decisions for the Galactic Alliance even less.  Yet here he was, trying to tiptoe a political minefield over an absurd disagreement that had somehow managed to capture the attention of the galaxy.

2 – Worlds Away

Jonathan Feroz had expected a deal of culture shock as a student of the Glorindal Military Academy, but he also found a surprising bit of support and camaderie from a source he had never expected.

3 – Worlds Apart

Can Jonathan’s relationship with fellow cadet Talia Gronie survive the scrutiny and schemes of his mother Julianne?  Even after weathering that storm, elements of Kiros society have decided Talia is a stain to the Feroz bloodline that has to be removed from the picture… by any means necessary.

4 – Special Assignments Force 3

Turns out the toughest part of being the newest commander to the Galactic Alliance’s elite investigative and specialist corps is actually getting the team together.  Can he come to terms with his closest friend and confidante to help him put it together and help him in the transition?

5 – The Value of a Name

Solarian Knight Amanda Francis isn’t your traditional noblewoman, even by the new standards set after Second Battle of Mydor.  When children of a colony world are used as bargaining chips by an old family deposed from Solaria a hundred staryears ago, Amanda’s past and family become the flash point to the hostage situation.

.html files for all short stories on this page can be downloaded by following this link.

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