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What Social Media Means to Me

Posted in Grumblings on September 15, 2022 by chemiclord


If you’re reading this, it’s possible you have followed a link from my Twitter or Facebook profiles after one of my online offerings “blew up,” as the saying goes. You might be wondering why I put together a blog post rather than some link to my works to piggyback off my “blowing up,” so let me tell you.

I hail from the era of Usenet and the early pre-AOL days. The sentiment of that proto-social media community was pretty unanimously “the Internet (yeah, we’re talking about the era where proper English dictated that the word was always capitalized) isn’t real.” It’s a social programming that I haven’t amended… and don’t particularly feel compelled to either.

Social media exists in my sphere of consciousness to peddle my wares and occasionally shitpost. It’s why I have more than one real life acquaintance and/or friend that has me blocked on various social media platforms (this is perfectly okay, for the record). Any nuggets of wisdom you find from me on Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat or wherever is going to be few and far between, and you’ll only disappoint yourself looking for them.

I prefer to leave my serious observations of insight to this blog… that rarely updates, which should tell you how often I have wisdom or insights to share. I’m just a dude, trying to create my own problems to resolve… then sell them to you!

I’m told I also intentionally construct things to make them look far more absurd then they really are. But that’s just silliness, I tell you.

Anyway, have a good day, afternoon, evening, or night. Feel free to explore this blog if you wish. Maybe buy something as long as you’re here.

Or don’t. It is a silly place, after all.