Gate Series: Short Stories

1 – World Station Glorindal

Timothy Honore is preparing for his final tests to become a full fledged Knight of Solaria.  Sent to the jointly managed space station Glorindal for those finals, he (with help from an unidentified hacker) uncovers the existence of a well hidden and potential dangerous heretical sect working within the Solarian Knighthood.

2 – The Casual Sentinel

Following a potential lead within the heretical sect he calls The Endtimers, Timothy makes an unusual and unexpected ally to help him track the movements of the Blood Hawk piracy ring.

3 – Near Misses

Dewin Rio has encountered an Erani Knight before, so when the same Knight sticks his nose far too close to Blood Hawk affairs twice, Dewin sees it as important to warn his colleagues on just what they are facing.

4 – For Honor and Crown

The Endtimers influence seeks to spread further, and put one of their followers on the throne of Solaria itself.  Timothy has to uncover as many of the major players as he can (with the help of his ingenious mother) to stop their schemes and make sure the Solarian King continues to have Solaria’s best interests at heart.

5 – No Shining Knights Anymore

All Rumil Bonamede wanted was to finish her schooling and land a low profile job in the computer programming industry.  When the Solarians effectively ruin her life twice, she has very little choice but to turn to a very high profile media mogul and his less than legitimate business dealings.

Extra Bonus: The Head of the Beast

See the aftermath of the Second Battle of Mydor through the eyes of the person that helped set those events in motion… the leader of the Endtimers themselves.

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