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Endtimers’ Legacy Short #3: Worlds Apart

Posted in Updates on January 25, 2011 by chemiclord

Sometimes love just ain’t enough.  Here is the other shoe dropping… the rain dropping upon your sunshiny heads… the gravel dumped upon your floor.

Some relationships, no matter how deep the affection, can be ripped apart by outside factors.  It’s unfortunate, but that’s how reality is sometimes, especially in inter-racial relationships; they have several burdens and stigmas to overcome, and sometimes its too much for one or both parties to handle.  Such is the case for poor Talia.

So there; all of you readers who were worried something was wrong with me because I wrote such a “happy and romantic” story can be at ease.  I’m apparently still the same dour and depressing writer I always was.

For those that want to see how the relationship falls apart, read here.  For those that don’t, you might want to read it anyway; because a lot of the elements presented here will be factors in The Endtimers’ Legacy.  We begin to really see the ugly side of Erani society and attitude that’s always been there, but had been glossed over from the Erani-centered perspective in The Second Gate.

I’m just ecstatic it didn’t take me a month to write this like the last one.  See ya’ll next time.

No Longer Accepting Paypal

Posted in Grumblings on January 22, 2011 by chemiclord

Not that I made all that much money through Paypal donations (all $1.05 worth… and yes, someone who was paying attention donated $.05), but I have decided to eliminate all donations through the Paypal site.

The origins of this decision stem from a post on a favorite site of mine, Exiern, which can be found here.

Now, I personally do not have terribly explicit sexual content in the stories I write.  Not necessarily out of any prudishness as I find they don’t offer anything to the story themselves beyond empty fluff to titillate mindless readers.  It’s probably why I average 80 views a month, but I digress.

Drowemos Eseotevahi has produced a remarkably thought provoking comic that challenges the nature of gender roles, and yes, in his members only section he has what amounts to R-rated material that both offers fanservice for extra dollars as well as playing to the greater point of his concept.

It’s rather amusing that Paypal has effectively decided that a comic that challenges gender discrimination is “obscene.”

Well, you know what I find obscene?  When a company uses broad brush terms to push an undefinable agenda for arbitrary reasons.  I understand its their right to do whatever they wish, so don’t take this as some form of protest or demand to take action against Paypal.  But it’s also my right to have nothing to do with a company that doesn’t represent my goals and beliefs.  So I’m done with Paypal.

In the meantime, I recommend that anyone who wants a good read visit the Exiern webcomic.  No matter what Paypal says, it’s not obscene nor is it offensive.  It’s imaginative, it’s as original as stories get in this modern culture, and it’s worth the time to absorb.  I think any reader here would like it as much as I do.

Endtimers’ Legacy Short #2: Worlds Away

Posted in Updates on January 8, 2011 by chemiclord

And finally, some new content for the new year; the second lead-in short story for Endtimers’ Legacy.  This is a little bit of a different style and turn than you’ve normally seen so far at this point… in fact, it’s almost a romantic story than a sci-fi one.  Thus, I’ll admit I’m a bit worried that it won’t be received well, even though it is a fairly important piece of development for two major characters for the second book.  Plus, there’s a point to it… which I think will come into focus in the future.

Anywhere, go ahead and give it a read here.  Hopefully, it won’t take a month for the next short to be revealed.