Other Stories

I occasionally (either by myself or in cooperation with others) write stories outside the Gate Series universe.  I plan on posting some of them here.

Project: Freeflow

(Co-written by Mary Ebert)

On August 15, 2110 at 0927 ZULU, the asteroid body Volstock 22-AAE collided with the Earth fifty-one kilometers north of the Los Angeles metropolis in what was then the province of the same name.

The asteroid wasn’t particularly large, only a little over one hundred and twenty meters at its widest, and even though the asteroid in and of itself would have caused significant damage to much of the province, it hardly would have been a catastrophe that would have crippled the planet for any extensive period of time.

However, Volstock 22-AAE was merely the trigger to a much larger weapon, that once unleashed, led to the deaths of over one hundred million people.



In Earth’s last days before it is consumed by an ever expanding and largely unknown menace known as The Creep, the last inhabitants of the doomed planet make a desperate attempt to brave the infected land and waters to reach safety and the last of the colony ships slated to disembark.

This is a bit of a horror story with a hopeful twist, or is it?

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  1. Great reeading this

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