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No Guild Wars 2 Endgame?

Posted in Grumblings on September 20, 2012 by chemiclord

It’s a pretty whiny complaint from some players in the Guild Wars 2 community… that the game lacks the “endgame”, that challenge after you’ve completed the leveling process, the tiers of gear grind for that ever increasing next level of gear and challenge.

And while it is true that there is no endgame gear grind… for those who think there is no challenge in that endgame, I have three words for you.

Legendary Searing Effigy.

No challenge in Guild Wars 2 endgame?  I cordially invite you to bend over and kiss me where the sun don’t shine.

I can honestly say that was right up there with some of the most difficult and intense MMO boss fights I have ever experienced, every bit the equal of the best any other company has offered to date.  Make no mistake folks, there is challenge to be found, and is well up to the task.