Favorite Links

I don’t write 24/7, after all.  There are many other things on the World-Wide Web that I enjoy.  Here are some of them:

MegaTokyo:  Not to name drop, but over the last couple of years, I’ve grown a passing acquaintance with Fred Gallagher, the mind and pen that writes and draws this now-famed webcomic.  Due to this interaction, I’ve come to really appreciate the work he has done.  Love him or hate him (he personally hates him), his work is renown for a reason.  I can also feel for a person who feels it is sometimes a struggle to make his works as perfect as they can be, and has an uncompromising desire to make everything just right, and the ability to fight through that impossible ideal.

Girl Genius:  I’ve been a fan of Phil Foglio’s work for years, more than a decade in fact, when he was a contributing artist for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, and I was a collector/minor tournament player.  I’ve always been impressed with his ability to make even the zaniest and off the wall characters feel real, and his willingness to do things with his art that few others dare.  And hey, how can I possibly find fault with a man who happily refers to himself as a “Gentleman Pornographer”?

Exiern:  Believe it or not, I don’t just follow “mainstream” creations.  Exiern, written by Drowemos Eseotevahi and drawn by Studio Boom, is one such example.  Whether Eseotevahi is challenging gender stereotypes, or fleshing out a depth of a world that I only aspire to one day be able to do; his writing and his creation is a delight to delve into.  I appreciate his contribution and his commitment through good times and bad, and is honestly an inspiration to me.

College Roommates From Hell: If one good thing comes out of this website, it at least gave me the excuse to finally bother this talented creator that I’ve been shyly avoiding to even e-mail for about a year.  She has that Foglio-esque talent to make you feel for characters that simply shouldn’t be, drawing you into her world with such subtle grace that I was hooked even from her earliest days.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I’m looking at this website to see the latest offering and watching her skill in storytelling and art grow each and every time.  A rare gem on the Internet, to be sure.

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