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The Broken Prophecy: A short FAQ

Posted in Grumblings on September 4, 2013 by chemiclord

What is The Broken Prophecy?  What happened to The Second Gate?

The major problem I had with trying to get The Second Gate published was that publishers balked at the manuscript’s size for a “new” author, and even self-publishing options wouldn’t let me sell it for anything less than around $30 to make it worth my time.  And so, the first novel has been split into two parts, with the second part (now Book 2 in the series), The Sixth Prophet, ready with cover art and all the bells and whistles by early 2014 (hopefully).  With The Broken Prophecy coming in at 270 pages, it’s not exactly a short read anyway, so I do think readers will get their money’s worth.

Has anything changed between the initial rough manuscript you pandered for $0.99 a year and a half ago?

Nothing significant really.  The text has gone through some further editing and clean up, but none of the major plot points have changed significantly.  If you were one of the ten people who bought that rough copy… then pat yourselves on the back, I suppose, because you got quite the deal.  Unless you really want to support me and my efforts, you won’t miss out on any big reveals, and hell… you’ve even got some massive spoilers to hang over people’s heads.

Are you eventually going to sell it on [insert website or service or e-reader here]?

As of this moment, the physical dead-tree version is an Amazon exclusive… but I’m open to other retailers if there is enough demand.  As for other e-book formats… that’s rather unlikely.  ISBNs are not particularly cheap, and for any other format I translate it to, I’d need a separate ISBN for each format.  Nook and Kindle cover a large enough percentage of the market that I am content running with those two.

So you really ARE alive!

Perhaps unfortunately.