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Second Gate: Chapter Five

Posted in Updates on March 29, 2010 by chemiclord

And now Chapter Five is online and ready for reading.  Just click here, or follow the Second Gate link in the sidebar if you want to do it the hard way.

Reference Material

Posted in Updates on March 25, 2010 by chemiclord

Added some appendix material for those who may be a little confuzzled by the unusual terms or methods of measurement I use; or some of the (admittedly) rough “science” behind the galaxy in which the story takes place.  They can be found with the other Second Gate chapters.

Second Gate: Chapter Four

Posted in Updates on March 22, 2010 by chemiclord

And now, Chapter Four is live and good to go.  As always, you can read it either by following the Second Gate link in the sidebar, or just by clicking here.

I appreciate everyone who has suffered the story thusfar.  I often call these opening chapters the “Concerning Hobbits” portion, that opening segment where you’re introducing a new world and the scenes, and all the things that make the setting unique.

I name it after the opening section of The Fellowship of the Ring, of that very name; which is considered by most readers to be painfully dry, hard to absorb, yet is also almost crucial to understand the motivations that make the story go.  I try to make my “Concerning Hobbits” portion as interesting as I can, but invariably, the action and the plot moves slowly as I spend many a word making the world make some semblance of sense.

It will get better, I promise you.

Second Gate: Chapter Three

Posted in Updates on March 15, 2010 by chemiclord

And with a stroke of a keypad (okay… several strokes of a keypad), Chapter Three is up and running.  You can read it, and the other chapters posted so far, here.

See you next Monday!

Second Gate: Chapter Two

Posted in Updates on March 8, 2010 by chemiclord

Chapter Two is now live and ready for reading.

See you next Monday!

Prologue and Chapter One

Posted in Updates on March 1, 2010 by chemiclord

The Second Gate officially begins.  You can begin to read either by following the link on the sidebar to the right, or by clicking here.

The Prologue is rather short (about a page and a half on 11×8.5 paper), so it didn’t seem terribly fair to consider that the weekly update.  As I result, I threw in Chapter One as well.

Thanks for coming in, and I hope you’ll drop in next week to read more.