Second Gate: Chapter Three

And with a stroke of a keypad (okay… several strokes of a keypad), Chapter Three is up and running.  You can read it, and the other chapters posted so far, here.

See you next Monday!

One Response to “Second Gate: Chapter Three”

  1. GalahadPC Says:

    Even in futuristic far-off worlds, there are internet cafes, internet stalkers, and flaky waitresses. Just ignore that the guy who took your order was a giant tiger-man.

    This is actually one of the things I like about the setting though. It doesn’t load down the setting with “awesome” sci-fi trappings just to wow the reader. Instead, we get a scene entirely familiar to us, and would likely have been familiar to people centuries or milennia ago, if we exchanged the computers for a guy in the corner telling stories.

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