Prologue and Chapter One

The Second Gate officially begins.  You can begin to read either by following the link on the sidebar to the right, or by clicking here.

The Prologue is rather short (about a page and a half on 11×8.5 paper), so it didn’t seem terribly fair to consider that the weekly update.  As I result, I threw in Chapter One as well.

Thanks for coming in, and I hope you’ll drop in next week to read more.

2 Responses to “Prologue and Chapter One”

  1. GalahadPC Says:

    What do you call a story that starts at the end? In terminus res, maybe? (I’m going to laugh if I got that right.) Meanwhile, I wonder if Thomas intended the irony of the prologue – a perfectionist writer rejecting piles of her own work in the attempt to get her book exactly right.

  2. Did you just call me “her?”

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