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The Latest Line in the Sand

Posted in Grumblings on January 7, 2021 by chemiclord

I try not to get overtly partisan in my political discourse. While my personal opinions tend to lean fairly heavily into what would be considered “progressive” (by American reckoning, at least), I try to be accommodating and try to understand the perspectives of those who don’t agree wholeheartedly with me.

I am breaking that rule today; so if you are an ardent Trump follower even now, and have no interest in hearing anything bad about your dear leader or yourselves, you might as well hit the back bar right now, delete this link from your bookmarks and history, and any other distancing measure you can think of.

Because I am not going to be kind to Donald Trump, nor am I going to be particularly understanding of those that will defend his and his cult-like followers actions at this point. You are anathema to me. You are every problem in this country, and none of its solutions.

Because unlike a lot of other progressive thinkers, I don’t think you have been “brainwashed” by conservative, oligarch-driven media to reject science or reasonable discourse. I lived among you for half of my life. I know better. You weren’t inundated by anti-intellectualism. You sought it out because it’s what you wanted to hear. You weren’t helpless pawns in a conflict by a handful of greedy billionaires. You were, and are, willful volunteers.

And you aren’t duped by President Donald J. Trump. You aren’t blind to his most deplorable behaviors. You see them, and you revel in them. He is the man you wish you could be; a bigoted, hateful, braggart who lives a lazy, gluttonous lifestyle where he has sex with models, tosses them aside, spends money with abandon, refuses to pay his debts, says whatever the hell he wants, does whatever the hell he wants… without any consequences.

You know he pays lip service to faith, then does none of the acts that come with pious living. You know damn well that he is so alien to the Bible that he literally doesn’t know how to hold it. You don’t care. He is living your best life, and you are living vicariously through him.

You don’t even care that he has lived up to exactly none of his promises other than to fill the Supreme Court with people who also pay lip service to Christian ideals… then don’t actually do anything to support them. Because it wasn’t ever really about a wall on the Mexican border… or the right to bear arms… or protecting the lives of the unborn.

It was about making sure no one dared try to challenge your place in the social hierarchy. That the nation respected and acquiesced to your way of life. That you retained the imaginary throne in your heads; one where no one has the right to tell you what to do; no matter how reasonable or how imperative it is to the well-being of those who aren’t you.

I didn’t have much patience for it to begin with. Now, in the aftermath of a violent attempt to assert your dominance over a country that actively chose to reject that worldview, I have none. Anyone who supports Trump at this point is dead to me. We will no longer “agree to disagree.” You are wrong. You are despicable. And we are done.