The Second Gate: Complete

As per reader demand, The Second Gate has been put into expedited completion, the entirety of which can now be read here.

It’s a bit of a catharsis for me; this was a project ten years and fourteen revisions in the making.  Hopefully future books in the series don’t take nearly as long.

Seriously, I wouldn’t live to see the end of it.

So, what happens now?  Well, it’s going to be a while before I get Book Two; The Endtimer’s Legacy, in the works… got a few other projects on my plate, one of which should be posted shortly, another of which one will probably not hear anything about until next year at the earliest.

As for all the readers (who as I understand, have become a large handful as opposed to a small one), if you like what you’ve read, spread the word.  Tell your friends, tell people who you think would like it.  Another way you can help is visit The Second Gate’s listing on the Web Fiction Guide (link here).  Rate it or review it (or both); the more you do, the more the word spreads.

Until next time, happy reading.  I hope to be back soon with more for your eager eyes.

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