Second Gate: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Ubeks are a rather interesting species to try and figure out.

The common perception among the Galactic Alliance is that they are unintelligent barbaric brutes that are barely capable of serving the galactic society beyond being intimidating security guards or low ranking peacekeepers.

The truth is, of course, much more complex than that.  Ubeks can be profoundly intelligent, and usually are.  It’s just that their intellectual strengths tend not to be the ones that are preferred by “sophisticated” society.

Let’s put it this way; you probably don’t want to try and discuss Post-Schism Interpretive Erani Art or the merits of Militant Secularism within Arcadian culture with an Ubek… but if you’re trying to figure out how to break the siege and blockade of your homeworld with a tenth of the resources and vastly inferior technology, having an Ubek over your shoulder to make those decisions would be a very good thing.

Find out more about what makes our big, varying blue neighbors tick in Chapter Twenty-Eight.

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