The Second Gate in Print?

This is a question that has come up a couple times, and I figure now is as good of a time to address it.

“Will this book ever be in print?”

The short answer is; not likely.

The longer answer is that I have this obnoxious tendency to not be inclined to sell the copyright to any of my intellectual property.  As I mentioned a few months back, selling the copyright is pretty much a requirement in order to get published nowadays.  Every discussion I have with a publisher goes like this:

“So, how much of an advance would you like?  We’ll have the contract to sign over the copyright in 4-6 days.”

“None.  I have no interest in selling the copyright.  I’ll give you exclusive publishing rights, but that’s as far as I’ll go…”



As for self-publishing, I’ve tried that, and it’s a load of bunk.  The prices are obscene (who wants to pay $25 for a softcover of this?  Show of hands!) and the self-publishing option requires an upfront investment that loses money before you even have a chance to make any.  That wouldn’t inherently be such a big deal… except that I really don’t have the money to front at the moment.

So, that’s the deal.  You likely won’t see this in print, barring some sort of minor miracle.  *shrug*

One Response to “The Second Gate in Print?”

  1. I’d like to see a show of hands from anybody who’d want to see this as an animated miniseries.

    *raises hand*

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