Endtimers’ Legacy Short #1: Head of State

And now, the lead-in to The Endtimers’ Legacy begins in earnest with the first short story bridge.  We get to see a little insight into the inner workings of the bureaucracy of the Galactic Alliance, for good and for ill, from the eyes of the current Premier of the Galactic Parliament, Robert Datson.  Find out what is going on in his headspace here.

Turns out that everything isn’t still happy and pretty in the galaxy… and that in some ways, the collapse of the Erani nobility has caused more harm than good in the short term.

I’ve really come to like this short story lead-in format between full length novels; it allows me to flesh out the perimeter of the setting without burdening readers with as many jarring tangents in the novels themselves.  When you have novels that push 400 pages as it is, anything that streamlines the process is welcome, I am sure.

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