To First Time Viewers

I understand that I’ve been picking up quite a few new readers lately; and in lieu of me rearranging the site to help these people (something I seem completely incapable of doing, the time I tried today I managed to crash the entire site and blog), I’m going to make a more temporary solution.

For all those stopping in, I would first recommend reading the first five short stories listed here.  These shorts help fashion and shape the background for the first novel.  It’s not vital, but I think it helps.

From there, you’re ready for The Second Gate.  It’s honestly not nearly as daunting as it first looks.  Sure, it’s nearly four hundred printed pages, but I have been repeatedly assured that it reads very quickly.  Besides, it’s not like you have to absorb it all in one sitting.

After that, you can return to the Short Stories section, and read the next clump of shorts that serve as the bridge for the upcoming second book of the series, The Endtimers’ Legacy.

But if after all that, if you want more to read, you can always check out unrelated stories I have either done on my lonesome or in conjunction with other writers at the page here.

Thank you for your patronage, and I will keep doing my best to put together a more reader friendly site… if I can do so without breaking the Internet.

~Thomas Knapp (

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