Second Gate: Chapter Twenty-Four

Hey!  It’s the titular object at long last!

Dun dun DUNH!

Read more about it, as well as something about Rumil (but what exactly,  I wonder), as well as a different side to Timothy that he rarely ever shows in Chapter Twenty-Four.  Could the amore be… reciprocated?  They can do that in fiction?

Wait, could I be doing it all wrong?  Damn it, I need to start adding all sorts of throwaway characters to get in the middle of this budding relationship!  This sort of development between two characters can’t be allowed to happen.  Poorly injected and contrived drama is the way these sort of things have to go!

I got it!  Justin discovers he is actually Julianne’s brother!  He can’t possibly remain married to… wait no… that actually hasn’t stopped Erani noble families in the past.

What, did you think Timothy was joking that arranged marriages have been closer than third cousins?

I guess you’re all just gonna have to put up with a realistic relationship blooming between two people.  Not that there won’t be issues… but it’s actually going to, ya know, make sense and feel like something completely unlike Days of our Lives.

Somewhere, a Twilight fan is crying, and doesn’t know why.  I mean, come on… why would a Twilight fan be reading this piece of drivel?

I’m sorry; I think I hath failed you all again.

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