I Suppose I Should Say Something on This…

If you don’t follow the art streams of Comfort Love and Adam Withers (and why aren’t you?) then you don’t know anything about this. So allow me to acknowledge that I am in fact working on a project for their “Uniques” universe; with a working title of “Cursed.”

It is still extremely early in the manuscript process, so I really can’t say much on specifics, other than it is a title that will be leaning fairly heavily on my early days as a wanna-be sportswriter exploring elements of their universe that they wouldn’t ever get the chance or expertise to explore.

I will say is that it’s overall conceit lies in the both over and understated nature of competitive sports in our culture, and how it weaves itself into the fabric of society and yet go unnoticed by a majority of that society. How it can influence lives, and how it really can’t.

I’m really looking forward to it, and I hope you will too.

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