The Fire Fox has Arrived! (Sorta)

Okay, ladies and gentlemen… bear with me here while I try and get you folks all up to date.

Amazon is doing weird things, some of which may be of benefit to all of you.

First of all, if you guys want the Kindle version of “Fire Fox”, it is actually available for pre-order for the 25th of September. Follow this link if you wish to do so:…/…/

For Nook, they are dead set on a release on the 25th, no preorders or other bells and whistles. I’ll give you folks that link once it goes live.

Now, here’s where it gets weird. If you want the paperback version of Fire Fox… well… it’s available right now. Yep. Amazon’s jumping the gun by about 8 days.…/…/0989931366/

I don’t know how this will affect Kindle matchbook or any other cross promotional deals, and I’ll update the main page once all three formats are officially released.  But if you really want the dead tree of the third book in the Endgames series, you folks are in luck. It’s here.

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