Stories to Tell and the Time to Tell Them.

On November 17, 2011 I took the writing reins from Drowemos for this comic.  It wasn’t always the smoothest ride, to be sure, but I’ll have put a good two and a half years into this story when I hang ‘em up and move on.

It had taken a lot of thought, a lot of hang wringing, consulting with friends, family, and fellow webcomic creators… but I’ve made the decision that I am moving on at the conclusion of the Wild North storyline, which will at the current rate of publication be somewhere in late April to mid-May.

Why?  Wasn’t I setting up plotlines for the future?  Absolutely.  But the more I give it thought, the more I’m coming to the conclusion I’m not the fellow to tell those tales, or to be the creative mind behind this webcomic at all.  I have my own stories I want to tell, and I really don’t want to keep putting them on the side as I work through this one.  The real epiphany occurred during the final construction of my second novel, and being asked by reps at Amazon when they could expect the third.

I kinda went silent for a few seconds… because I realized I hadn’t worked on that manuscript at all since I started this story.  It wasn’t fair to me… nor was it fair to readers to have a quarter of my attention (along with other projects I’m taking part in as well as my day job).  As I don’t make nearly enough money to support myself on my writing alone; the decision was sadly easy.  That’s not meant as a slight to Exiern or its readers, mind… merely that of all the things I want/have to do… this was the easiest to let go of.

I won’t make this some long send-off piece, because I’m not going anywhere just yet… and don’t mind me if there’s a bitter aftertaste to this post.  I feel like I’ve failed in a way, not being able to press on and complete everything I wanted to say.  But I’ll have said enough, I think.  It’ll have to do.

Thank you.

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