Into the Eyes of the Maker…

And now, as we reach end of the penultimate “chapter” of this particular storyline (yep… the next segment is the return to the clan grounds and resolution of the Wild North storyline), we now reach the point where the mirrored glass bends about as far as it can go without breaking.

Some of you may find Osir’s monologue to be familar, and to be honest, it’s because it was inspired from a particularly chilling line from a much longer part of what was (and in some ways still is) one of my favorite video games:

At least until Bioware absolutely butchered the entire storyline, that to me was a remarkable bit of discovery for me as a developer of stories.  I create things just to destroy them.  I make people and worlds, then subject them to tortures for the sake of making a greater point to otherworldly beings.  What would those characters think to know that their every action is subject to the whim of something they can’t fully understand for reasons they can’t fully comprehend?  Would Tiffany think any better of her past to hear, “Well, you see… this is necessary for the theme of self-discovery and redemption I want you to have?”  I doubt it.

As a result, as I sought to delve more into the unique perspective the “Narrator” (or DOOM! guy) has within the greater Exiern story, the emotions that kept bubbling to the surface was fear and contempt.  He is aware of this vague being beyond the created world, that even the Travelers, Authorities, Beyonders, are strung to.  In a world of puppets, the Narrator is one that can see the strings for what they are, and I cannot imagine that would be a pleasant thought for anyone.  In fact, it almost makes you understand how his predecessor went a little nuts trying to cope with it.

For this one moment, his mask has cracked, and Tiffany sees what Osir really thinks.  I can only imagine Osir would think I’m a despicable, insufferable dick.

The mirrored glass will give way to a more solid wall shortly… at least for the moment.  Thank you again for helping me explore it.

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