Endtimers’ Legacy Short #5: The Value of a Name

And with this, the short story bridge for The Endtimers’ Legacy is complete.  I’ll admit that Amanda is a bit of a fun character for me to write, because she intentionally goes out of her way to not fit my usual patterns.  I hope readers will look past her more “scandalous ways” to see the beginnings of a very deep and complex character.

I invite everyone to read it by following this link here.

Also, with this complete, I have now posted .html files for this second set of short stories, that can be found at this link.

And so now, I start serious work with The Endtimers’ Legacy in earnest.  I hope to have it ready by the end of this summer… but don’t hold me to that.  A more concrete release will become clearer the further along in the process I go.

Read and enjoy.  Hopefully you’ll all hear from me soon.

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