Second Gate: Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-One is here!

Hey, it’s that Dewin guy again.  Funny how he keeps turning up at just the right moment.

Bah, it’s probably just coincidence.

Meanwhile, you may notice that the Solarians and the Kiros suddenly agree that Rumil pretty much has to die.  This is something I’ve noticed about different factions or denominations of religions.  The only thing they hate more than each other is someone that might pose a threat to their bloated construct of money and power.

Nope, still not much free time, and still a busy-busy bee; with work (how I make actual money), and along with a special super secret project I can’t tell anyone about (it’s a secret), and with other various projects that aren’t quite so secret (like putting together story boards for future books in this series), I’m pretty much booked from now until forever.

See ya next Monday.

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