Second Gate: Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen.

Yeah, in case you didn’t realize something was a little bit unusual about Timothy (aside from having like… zero social skills and that he is a man capable of nigh miraculous feats using nothing but his mind), you should kinda figure it out by the time you’re done here.

Even among the oddities that are Erani Knights, something is rather… strange about that fellow.

Bah, it probably has nothing to do with the story.

One Response to “Second Gate: Chapter Eighteen”

  1. GalahadPC Says:

    Yes, I’d say that somebody’s eyes being filled with blinding white light when angered is unusual.

    A religious ceremony, some plotting, a scandalous dance, betrayal, a mild concussion, being attacked by his father, and now rather dramatically cutting ties with his family and homeworld. What a day for Timothy.

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