Second Gate: Chapter Six

Chapter Six is now live.  Come and read by clicking here, or you can as always do it the hard way and follow the link on the sidebar.

2 Responses to “Second Gate: Chapter Six”

  1. GalahadPC Says:

    Ah, the Sultry Siren. The Rashomon of this particular story. Well, not quite as drastic since we don’t get conflicting accounts of anything, but still…

    Ah, but don’t think that’s all of it. Why, not just one or two, but THREE of our main characters had their lives directly affected by events here. In particular, [censored] leads to [censored] on [censored], going [censored], and [censored] on [censored]. Then [censored] pretty much [censored] on the [censored], [censored] realizing that [censored] is a [censored], and then [censored] by [censored], who incinerates [censored] by accident just because [censored], and [censored] is left practically peeing [censored] in terror. Then [censored] becomes [censored], as the [censored] to survive [censored].

    Ha ha, foreshadowing!

  2. You really could serve to ease up on the filthy language, young man.

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