Trans People are People (This is Apparently Hard to Grasp)

So… Judy Blume decided to open her mouth and insert her entire ass recently, telling the world that she was “100% behind” J.K. Rowling’s attempt to forge a new flavor of Trans-Exclusionary Feminism.

(I honestly wouldn’t even call what Rowling is doing “feminism” to be honest, but I suppose that’s not my call to make.)

Now, Judy Blume is an author I’m familiar with; I grew up with a lot of her books in my family library. But to be honest, I hadn’t given her much thought since about seventh grade. My initial reaction to learning of the endorsement was, “WASPy old woman holds reactionary views. Color me not shocked.”

I had to be reminded that Blume isn’t Protestant, which rather negated the entire “WASP” thing, and that her bibliography is actually quite progressive. Which… okay, fair enough. And yet… I’m still not surprised, because I have become far too accustomed to people disappointing me on the issue of trans people and trans rights.

For whatever reason, even among the most progressive circles in the world, far too many of us once we get to the “T” trip on that part of the acronym, and they trip hard. I’ve seen so many even within the rainbow really want to chop off that part of the flag, to “divorce” themselves from trans people. I don’t think that they are hoping to gain acceptance from the rest of society by vilifying trans people. I think they honestly and genuinely think there is something fundamentally wrong with being trans, and are quite happy to risk their own place in society rather than ally with trans people.

Trans people are people. They should have all the rights that any white Christian male enjoys. I really don’t understand why this is so hard.

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