On Elizabeth Warren’s Problem…

Apologies for (once again) going political, but fuck it.  Here we go.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has a problem.  But not the one that mainstream media seems to be pushing.

It’s not that she lowered herself to Donald Trump’s level.  I think we’ve seen this story play out enough times that we should know there’s no smart play when Donald Trump decides to target you.  Like any elementary school bully, he’ll do whatever the hell he wants, and punch you in the crotch regardless of your response.  So, I’m not going to snarl and criticize that she didn’t pick the correct losing scenario.

It’s not that she invited a whole new round of racism on Native Americans.  Big business was building pipelines through their watersheds and big government was disenfranchising their votes and voices long before Senator Warren decided to declare she had a six to ten generations removed Native American ancestor.  And those things are going to keep happening long after she’s being lowered into the earth.

She is not responsible for the shit behavior of people looking for an excuse to be shit.  That’s just more blaming the victim crap that we aren’t supposed to be doing anymore.

But Senator Warren does have a problem.  And it’s one that she shares with a ton of families of predominately European descent, from sea to shining sea.

I’m sure every single person knows a family that claims to have some sort of Native American blood.  Hell, the overwhelming likelihood is that it’s their family.  Those stories are spread throughout said family like it some sort of mystic shaman ancestry where we could grow up to have magical powers that stem from our mysterious heritage.

We regard that real or imagined ancestry with some sort of awe that is patently ridiculous.  It’s not special.  It’s not a sign that we are somehow more sophisticated than our plain white brethren.  It’s not something to revere or speak of in hushed tones like it would somehow scandalize us to our neighbors.

And it certainly isn’t something you should be talking up by the time you’re in college, whether you tried to gain advantages from it or not.

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