Stardew Valley is Both Cute and Dark as Hell…

Underneath the surface of this game, I swear is the West answer to those moe harem anime dating sims.

From the adorable and cheery artist, struggling so badly that she has to forage for food while being stalked by a creepy ex-boyfriend…

Or the shy bookworm tutor, who lives with her alcoholic mom in a trailer where she is constantly shamed..

Or the unusually peppy “goth” girl, who wants to be an adventurer and discouraged at every turn because it’s not a proper woman’s work…

Or the man returning from a war and has PTSD so bad that the sound of popcorn popping causes him to have anxiety attacks…

And all of it lurking underneath this veneer of quaint community charm.

I’m not sure whether to be impressed by the developer’s subtle writing talents or a little bit concerned for his mental state.

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