The Tower of Kartage – Second Edition

It’s not often that you get a second chance to make a first impression.

Which is fortunate, because my first impression probably wasn’t all that impressive.

The Tower of Kartage was something of a rush job, on my part… desperate to get something out there. As a result, it wasn’t the most technically sound piece I have ever done, and was lacking many of the little things I wanted to do that I didn’t do in my hurry. But now, at least starting with the Kindle and Nook versions, the second edition of the Tower is live.

In terms of the story, nothing’s really changed. But the errant typos and weird formatting should be fixed. The print version now should have more uniform margins and page numbers. Little things, to be sure, but the little things add up.

I am sorry for those who felt the first edition was not properly done. You’re right. And I have to do better in the future.

2 Responses to “The Tower of Kartage – Second Edition”

  1. Question: Will I have to buy the Kindle version again, or will it have already auto-updated? Sorry, I just found out about this today.

    • Answer: As I am aware, you do NOT have to buy the Kindle version again, but you DO have to manually update to the new edition. As I understand, you can do so through the “Manage your Kindle” settings.

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