On Laziness…

If there is one thing that raises my ire and blood pressure more than anything, it’s listening to armchair developers or writers grumbling that content creators are “lazy”, usually because it takes a year or more for the audience to enjoy in a matter of hours.

I used to think it was just a matter of ignorance, of people not really understanding just how much effort it takes to create and refine something to the quality that the creator deems is acceptable.  Sure, some fanfiction.net writer can slap together a 1,000 word chapter every day.  So could I.  But the time spent would reflect the quality.

It would be trash, just like 99% of everything created.

Could it be that creators tend to have too high of expectations for our work, and that the little quibbling errors we fuss over would be largely overlooked by our audience?  Maybe (but then I’d point you to the legions of video game message boards filled with vile little brats screaming bloody murder over any bug no matter how small).

There’s no method of content development that’s quick AND quality.  And lord knows content creators have any number of neuroses that slow the process of creation down.

But come on guys.  We’re not lazy.

We’re just messed up.  At least get the criticism right.

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