On Hospital Stays…

Well, I supposedly AM supposed to provide more content to the blog.

Quick update for the few who don’t know, I’ve been in observation since Thursday morning due to lingering sciatica that I started having in late May.  There had been some minor procedures to try and combat the inflammation until this most recent visit, but nothing concrete.

Finally, after poor sleep and eating over four days, and needing to be taken by ambulance for severe chills, my condition was stabilized and I at long last have a conclusive answer now that earlier X-rays found no degenerative effects and an MRI confirmed just what was out of place.

My Physical Therapist was REAL close (she suspected an L5 herniation), it turned out to be an S1 protrusion pinching the sciatic nerve (just one disc down), and likely the root cause of the inflammation in the tendons along my inner leg as well.  In theory, at some point today, I’ll have a nerve root block performed that will finally reduce the swelling of the nerve, and allow me to continue the physical exercises and allow the disc to heal normally.

It’s a fairly routine procedure that should not require surgery, and I should make a full recovery as long as I don’t anything stupid with myself.  Cross your fingers folks, because fortunately I don’t think I need any prayers.

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