The Sixth Prophet is Coming…

Soon… very soon in fact.

Like within the week soon.

I won’t lie, I’m really quite excited about it.  It’s only been a few months since the first book dropped, but that’s far too long for my tastes considering how long I sat on the whole manuscript (The Sixth Prophet and The Broken Prophecy were written for the most part concurrently, you see).

Jorge Rivas (who did the color work for the first cover), takes his hand at the whole shebang this time around, and I think did a marvelous job.

Now… I know there’s a handful of people who bought the rough manuscript of both books, and want to know what’s changed.  Well, nothing much again.  It’s a lot cleaner, it reads a lot better, some character names got reworked to fit their proper theme…

Well… then there’s the whole added short story to the print version.

Oh?  I didn’t mention that yet?  Silly me.  Yep, as a special gift to those who order the dead tree version, it includes a never before seen short story, “The Head of the Beast”, which gives additional insight to the Endtimers, the person in charge of them, and helps to set the stage for the third book in the series.

Now, before you Kindle and Nook users get too upset, rest assured, “The Head of the Beast” will eventually be made available as part of an e-book compilation of all the short stories currently available, which print users won’t see in dead tree format (sorry folks, even all of them together winds up to not be worth the cost of printing in dead tree).  This was the best way I felt I could give both the dead tree AND e-book users a little something special… print readers get a little head start on never-before-seen content, while my e-book readers will be able to have all the short stories at their little fingers with the flick of a button… just a little while down the road.

It’ll be 99 cents.  Really.  I won’t be breaking any wallets here.  Promise.

Thanks again for reading… hopefully it won’t take too long for The Endtimer’s Legacy to be ready to read!

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