Youmacon 2012

Having stumbled back from the Motor City at about 10pm yesterday (I’m not always a night person, exceptions will be explained below), it took me a while to kinda get back into something resembling an equilibrium.  But I’m back, as back to “normal” as you’d call it, and ready to get back to work.

Youmacon was actually a blast… probably the first time I’ve actually enjoyed myself at a convention (something that is rare for a person who no doubt suffers from some degree of social anxiety).  A lot of great memories and awesome people… probably stories that will only interest me, but ya know what… this is my blog post.  So there!

From drinking out of something that came from a resin skull (it was claimed to be vodka, and since it was unlabeled and my alcoholic palette is non-existent to put it gently I can only take the bartender’s word for it) with Mookie of Dominic Deegan fame and Jon St. John of Duke Nukem and damn near everything else fame… to kicking back until 2:30 am Saturday morning chatting about the creative process with Linkara, That Guy with Glasses, and Sonny Strait of We Shadows… to crank calling my friends with the help of Mr. St. John Sunday afternoon… it was a whole ton of fun and the whole bunch of people I ran into helped me come to terms with something about myself.

The people and guests I met at Youmacon made it quite clear to me I belonged, that I wasn’t any more of a hack than anyone else, and that I’ve got a really good thing going.  For much of that, I have all of you to thank.  The people who vote on the Top 100 listing (and still do), helping keep this comic relevant, who didn’t run off screaming when they heard “new writer, hi”, or merely stop in every so often, check things out, then leave… you’re what make this happen.

Apparently, I also need your help again.  A big part of exposure is going to conventions like this, meeting more people and spreading the word.  Of course, I’m a fairly destitute writer-type person, so I can’t just jet off whenever I want, but if you have a con in the area, and want to see me there, let the people in charge there know.  I’m certainly in no position to turn down chances to prostitute the site for greater views and exposure, so hey… give a shot.  Help me help you… or help you help me?

Maybe just “help?”  Because that might be what this is all a cry for.

Oh well.  Catch you all later.

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