So, why am I doing this?

I’m sure you’re wondering… why should I care about this?

Surely, if this fellow was any good, he’d already be published and I’d be buying his works off the bookshelves.

To an extent, you’d be right.

Truth is… I probably could have been a published author already.  It wasn’t from lack of interest… but for one reason or another, it never fully manifested.

Either my work was too risky to invest on a new author (Tor)… or the manuscripts were too long for their press (EDGE)… or it didn’t have enough “mass appeal”; aka sex and drugs and rock and roll (Baen).  Another common sticking point was that I refused to sell the copyright to them outright (pretty much all of them).

I insisted it wasn’t about the money, and that I simply wanted to maintain creative control.  Finally, a good friend of mine told me if that was the case, to put my money where my mouth is.  She’s probably right; a lot of people helped me put together the works I’ve written… they deserve more than my thanks, and while I probably can’t pay them for their time, at least I should put forth what they helped me write.

It should be read… whether you like it or not is entirely your prerogative.

Let’s see what happens from here, shall we?

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